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voussoir/cfg/allclass.cfg Normal file
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@ -0,0 +1,168 @@
nav_edit 0
tf_use_match_hud 0
alias null ""
alias reclass "exec allclass"
alias startfiring "+attack; alias togglefiring stopfiring"
alias stopfiring "-attack; alias togglefiring startfiring"
alias togglefiring startfiring
alias +swingmelee "slot3; +attack"
alias -swingmelee "-attack; lastinv"
alias +mic "play MicOn; +VoiceRecord"
alias -mic "play MicOff; -VoiceRecord"
alias vm_normal "tf_use_min_viewmodels 0; r_drawviewmodel 1; alias toggleviewmodel vm_min"
alias vm_min "tf_use_min_viewmodels 1; r_drawviewmodel 1; alias toggleviewmodel vm_none"
alias vm_none "tf_use_min_viewmodels 0; r_drawviewmodel 0; alias toggleviewmodel vm_normal"
alias toggleviewmodel vm_normal
alias infammo_step null
alias infammo_once "impulse 101; wait 100; infammo_step"
alias +infammo "alias infammo_step infammo_once; infammo_step"
alias -infammo "alias infammo_step null"
alias poison_step null
alias poison_once "hurtme 1; wait 100; poison_step"
alias +poison "alias poison_step poison_once; poison_step"
alias -poison "alias poison_step null"
alias thirdp "thirdperson; alias togglepov firstp"
alias firstp "firstperson; alias togglepov thirdp"
alias togglepov thirdp
alias +fovscope "fov 30"
alias -fovscope "fov 90"
bind mouse1 +attack
bind mouse2 +attack2
bind mouse4 null
bind mouse5 null
bind mwheelup slot1
bind mwheeldown slot2
bind mouse3 slot3
bind escape cancelselect
bind F1 null
bind F2 null
bind F3 null
bind F4 null
bind F5 null
bind F6 null
bind F7 null
bind F8 null
bind F9 null
bind F10 null
bind F11 null
bind F12 null
bind scrolllock null
bind numlock say_party // actually pausebreak!!
bind ` toggleconsole
bind 1 slot1
bind 2 slot2
bind 3 slot3
bind 4 slot4
bind 5 slot5
bind 6 null
bind 7 null
bind 8 null
bind 9 null
bind 0 "slot10"
bind - kill
bind = explode
bind backspace null
bind tab +showscores
bind q +swingmelee
bind w +forward
bind e "voicemenu 0 0"
bind r null
bind t null
bind y say
bind u say_team
bind i null
bind o noclip
bind p null
bind [ cl_trigger_first_notification
bind ] cl_decline_first_notification
bind \ null
bind capslock null
bind a +moveleft
bind s +back
bind d +moveright
bind f toggleviewmodel
bind g +taunt
bind h "addcond 11"
bind j "addcond 5"
bind k togglepov
bind l null
bind semicolon null
bind ' null
bind enter null
bind shift +fovscope
bind z voice_menu_1
bind x voice_menu_2
bind c changeclass
bind v +mic
bind b +use_action_slot_item
bind n "toggle cl_drawhud"
bind m open_charinfo_direct
bind , voice_menu_3
bind . changeteam
bind / null
bind rshift null
bind ctrl +duck
bind lwin null
bind alt null
bind space +jump
bind ralt togglefiring
bind rwin null
bind rctrl null
bind home null
bind end +inspect
bind ins "echo loadout 1; load_itempreset 0"
bind pgup "echo loadout 2; load_itempreset 1"
bind del "echo loadout 3; load_itempreset 2"
bind pgdn "echo loadout 4; load_itempreset 3"
bind uparrow null
bind downarrow null
bind leftarrow null
bind rightarrow null
bind kp_ins "join_class random"
bind kp_end "join_class scout"
bind kp_downarrow "join_class soldier"
bind kp_pgdn "join_class pyro"
bind kp_leftarrow "join_class demoman"
bind kp_5 "join_class heavyweapons"
bind kp_rightarrow "join_class engineer"
bind kp_home "join_class medic"
bind kp_uparrow "join_class sniper"
bind kp_pgup "join_class spy"
bind kp_del null
bind kp_slash "ent_create item_ammopack_full"
bind kp_multiply "ent_create item_healthkit_full"
bind kp_minus null
bind kp_plus null
bind kp_enter null

voussoir/cfg/autoexec.cfg Normal file
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@ -0,0 +1,13 @@
exec allclass
hud_combattext_batching 1
hud_combattext_batching_window 2
tf_hud_target_id_disable_floating_health 1
cl_playerspraydisable 1
cl_updaterate 66
cl_cmdrate 66
cl_interp_ratio 2
cl_interp 0

voussoir/cfg/demoman.cfg Normal file
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@ -0,0 +1,6 @@
exec allclass
alias reclass "exec demoman"
bind r +attack2

voussoir/cfg/engineer.cfg Normal file
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@ -0,0 +1,24 @@
exec allclass
alias reclass "exec engineer"
alias engineer_build_sentry "build 2 0"
alias engineer_build_dispenser "build 0 0"
alias engineer_build_telein "build 1 0"
alias engineer_build_teleout "build 1 1"
alias engineer_destroy_sentry "destroy 2"
alias engineer_destroy_dispenser "destroy 0"
alias engineer_destroy_telein "destroy 1"
alias engineer_destroy_teleout "destroy 3"
bind F1 engineer_build_sentry
bind F2 engineer_build_dispenser
bind F3 engineer_build_telein
bind F4 engineer_build_teleout
bind F5 engineer_destroy_sentry
bind F6 engineer_destroy_dispenser
bind F7 engineer_destroy_telein
bind F8 engineer_destroy_teleout

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@ -0,0 +1,13 @@
exec allclass
echo HEAVY
alias reclass "exec heavyweapons"
alias heavy_spinup "+attack2; bind q heavy_spindown"
alias heavy_spindown "-attack2; bind q heavy_spinup"
alias +heavy_m2 "+attack2; bind q heavy_spinup"
alias -heavy_m2 "-attack2; bind q heavy_spinup"
bind q heavy_spinup
bind mouse2 +heavy_m2

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@ -0,0 +1,11 @@
sv_cheats 1
sv_allow_point_servercommand always
mp_teams_unbalance_limit 0
mp_timelimit 0
mp_respawnwavetime 0
mp_disable_respawn_times 1
tf_ctf_bonus_time 0
tf_flag_caps_per_round 999
tf_use_fixed_weaponspreads 1

voussoir/cfg/medic.cfg Normal file
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@ -0,0 +1,6 @@
exec allclass
echo MEDIC
alias reclass "exec medic"
bind e "voicemenu 0 2" // Go!

voussoir/cfg/pyro.cfg Normal file
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@ -0,0 +1,4 @@
exec allclass
echo PYRO
alias reclass "exec pyro"

voussoir/cfg/scout.cfg Normal file
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@ -0,0 +1,9 @@
exec allclass
echo SCOUT
alias reclass "exec scout"
alias +scout_ball "slot3; +attack2"
alias -scout_ball "-attack2; lastinv"
bind q +scout_ball

voussoir/cfg/sniper.cfg Normal file
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@ -0,0 +1,4 @@
exec allclass
alias reclass "exec sniper"

voussoir/cfg/soldier.cfg Normal file
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@ -0,0 +1,4 @@
exec allclass
alias reclass "exec soldier"

voussoir/cfg/spy.cfg Normal file
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@ -0,0 +1,9 @@
exec allclass
echo SPY
alias reclass "exec spy"
bind mwheeldown slot3
bind mouse3 slot2
bind q disguiseteam

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@ -0,0 +1,8 @@
"$translucent" 1
"$basetexture" "vgui\crosshairs\dothair.vtf "
"$vertexcolor" 1
"$no_fullbright" 1
"$ignorez" 1

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voussoir/sound/MicOff.wav Normal file

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voussoir/sound/MicOn.wav Normal file

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