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@ -73,6 +73,8 @@ Here's what I did:
2. Sync it between PC and phone with the amazing [Syncthing](
3. Set it as the homepage using the url `file:///mnt/sdcard/<path>/homepage.html`. Despite the name `/sdcard/`, this is the location for Android's internal storage.
3. Set it as the homepage using either `file:///storage/emulated/0/<path>/homepage.html` or `file:///mnt/sdcard/<path>/homepage.html`. Despite the name `/sdcard/`, this path should correspond to internal storage.
**Note:** With Android 10's new scoped storage permissions, you may get a permission denied error while opening the page. I was able to bypass the scoped storage system altogether with this [ADB]( command: `adb shell sm set-isolated-storage off` which **rebooted the phone immediately**. I am not sure how it fares on Android 11.
Recently, I have been trying to use Android Firefox more, since it has extension support and thus uBlock. Astonishingly, Mozilla has [removed the ability to set a homepage](, which I believe occurred as part of the [2020-08-25 update]( And [their new tab page]( has an even bigger thing that I won't ever ever ever click on. I'm not sure what's going on over there.