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This page collects comments which make unnecessary or tenuous analogies to computers, programming, dollar-sign $variables, sed's/replace/syntax/g, mathematics, AI/machine learning, and cryptography in discussions that aren't about those things.
> \> It really cannot be overstated enough the wealth divide that pandemic QE created.
> :s/\\\<created\\\>\.$/exacerbated./
> At $oldjob, taking care of a busy and successful web estate that is now close to 25 years old, one of the ugliest and longest-standing warts was the "image store". That was a simple, flat directory on a single node, shared over NFS, which had accumulated more than 1.2 million (yes, 1_200_000) inodes/files in a single directory.
> Also s/produce/release/g
> Wow, now that's a case of paint\^W checkering oneself into a corner.