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Improve IPFS misconceptions.
Network you're a part of:
- Get to the point sooner instead of leading with so much philosophical
- Combine / remix paragraphs about billion-dollar entities.
- Improve wording about self-hosted web, game servers.
- Replace "website on cell phone" link to reddit with a screenshot

Strangers host my files:
- Rename this section so that the names of all sections start
  with "IPFS".
- Replace blockquote from IPFS with inline quote for visual consistency.
- Greatly simplify the paragraph about strangers.
- Improve phrasing in general.
- Increase arrogance with the punchline at the end.

- Combine some repetitive paragraphs.
- Simplify some phrasing.

IPFS homepage:
- Add link to specific revision of their page because it has
  since changed.
- Simplify some phrasing.
- Continue marvelling at the chadness of sqlite.
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